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Georgia Cowboy Poets Gathering

Posted by on 5 March, 2012

Cowboy Poets Gathering, Douglasville, GA

Cowboy Poets Gathering

We attended the 16th annual Georgia Cowboy Poets Gathering last Saturday evening. (March 3rd, 2012) and it was great fun. Performers from the Douglas County Cowboy Poets as well as musicians Bill Turnipseed, David Fillingim, and Justin Hicks sang, yodeled and played guitar, fiddle and harmonica. There were Old West and traditional cowboy songs and the evening was dedicated to Bill Mattison, a Georgia Cowboy Poet and performer who passed away in 2011.

We heard great songs from the past as well as tall tales (some probably had a seed of truth in there somewhere). Some stories made you cry, some made you laugh and many made you do both. One of the best was about Bill Mattison wearing his wife’s panties to the doctor because he had no clean ones of his own. You can probably figure out how that one ended. It was apparently all over town by the next day.

I’m not a cowboy and never was one, but it is great to hear the stories about that time and its people. If you get a chance to attend a Cowboy Poets gathering, I suggest to not miss it. It is good, clean (well, mostly) fun for the whole family.

Image from the Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/Douglas County website.

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